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We met in Chicago through a mutual friend via phone but did not meet in person until a super bowl party at my house in 1999. I was actually supposed to meet him and another friend at a bar but I ended up not going and went to bed. We moved to Henderson, NV (approx 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip) in 2001. Things we miss about Chicago are the sports teams-Bulls, Bears, and Cubs (well I (Rhea) do), driving to Chicago to all the different areas, the food, and the 4 different seasons. Las Vegas only has hot and hotter. What we do not miss is the cold weather and snow. We were married on July 9, 2005 one one of the hottest days of the year - approx 114 degrees and probably hotter since we were in our dresses and tuxes. We had approximately 300 people at the wedding and 100+ just in the wedding party. Our cake was the part of the Chicago Skyline - Sears Tower, John Hancock building, and the building with the diamond shape glass roof top (if anyone know what the name of the building is, please let us know), and Buckingham Fountain. It was fun but exhausting. most of the relatives came from Illinois (mainly Chicago and central IL) but some from Canada, Philippines, Texas, Ohio, Washington, Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Colorado, etc. We did get compliments on the wedding party attire and color scheme (which was light yellow).

We are expecting our first baby around November 28, 2008. Very exciting for us since it is a first for both of us. We do not know if the baby is a boy or girl and we don't know if want to know or not before he/she is born. as of this week (June 22), the baby is a size of a bell pepper. Last week, the baby was a size of a turnip. We can feel the baby and he/she is moving around because one day it will be on the right, then the left, and then right in the middle. We have picked out names already - Seth for a boy and Emily for a girl. We heard the heartbeat a few weeks ago from the first ultrasound which was going really fast and we also have our first ultrasound pics and one of them shows that the baby is saluting us but looks like the he/she is giving the bird.

These are our first kids really. Blackjack is a black (of course) pug and is 6-1/2 years old. His birthday is December 22. We got him when he was only 6 weeks old and at midnight one night. The reason we named him Blackjack was that Matt won at Blackjack that night and Matt missed having a dog around. We went to Kmart to buy the food, toys, cage, and pillow and Blackjack was in my coat pocket. He most distinguished feature is his mohawk on top of his head. He is about 25 lbs and pure muscle (I say) but Matt says pure fat. Some people call him Mo (for his mohawk), BJ, or Jack Black. Paris is the mother of the group. She is a lab mix with pretty golden blonde fur. We rescued her from the shelter when she was approx 1 year old. She is also 6-1/2 years old now and her birthday is October 30. Matt got her for my birthday back then. She was beaten and abused ans stil skittished to tis day of any sudden noises. She barks loud but only when the doorbell rings. Paris protects any kids or women. We called her Paris since we were kid of going for the Vegas theme since we had the casino game (Blackjack), we needed the casino name (Paris). Some people call her Paris Hilton but Matt calls her baby girl. We also had had another black pug and named him Ketel One (the drink) but has to give him back to the owner since he was too much to handle. The one thing that we remember him by is that Ketel was locked in the pantry during Thanksgiving day and when we opened the door, his stomach was bulging out since he found the dog food and dug right in. Smokey Jr. is an almost 3 years old cat. His birthday in August 16. We got him free when we went over to Pet Smart. A guy was giving kittens away free. The guy was holding stripped kittens but when I looked into the blue tub, there was baby Smokey just laying there. He was so cute. Matt said that it was my decision and of course, I wanted him. Matt's parents have the same cat and his name is Smokey and I wanted that cat but his dad wouldn't let me take him. So that is why we called him Smokey Jr. He is adorable but can be a brat. Almost every morning, he yells at either of us to let us know that we need to fill his food bowl. He also brings us presents - a chipmunk (or goround squirrel) and a few birds that he watches. One morning, we found a dead bird and feathers all over the family room - just gross. Those are presents that we did not want. I call him Smokesters. We did have some other pets - 3 fish inside, about 20 goldsigh in a pond we had in the backyard (not there anymore) and 2 birds. We had to give the birds away - they were toonoisy and also Smokey put one in his mouth when we let them walk around out of their cage. The 2 dogs and 1 cat is enough for us now. One pet each for us and the baby. We almost got another lab (just liek Paris) right before we found out we were pregnant. Good thing we did not get him - too many things going on especially with the baby on the way.

Both of us come from a family of 3. We both have 1 borther and 1 sister each and we are all married. Matt's parents are Ron and Cathie Bell and have been married over 40 years and lived in Pekin, IL. Matt's Grandma (Naomi Bell) also lives next door to his parents. My parents are Max and Rose Tosino and also married over 40 years and lives in Henderson, NV. Matt's brother, Mark, is in the Army and has served in Iraq about 2 to 3 times already. He is married to Karen and they have 2 kids - Kiersten and Addison Rae. They also have have a dog named Riley. They live in Fishers, IN. Matt's sister, Joanna, is married to Ben Geyer. They have 6 kids - Lucas, Brinlee, Megan, Cale, Joshua, and Cambria. They also have 2 golden retrievers.They live in Tremont, IL. My sister, Rona, is married to Brian Pankey. they have 2 kids - Jacob and Rachel. They live in Henderson, NV. My brother, Ron, is married to Kim. they have 4 kids - Sean, Matthew, Veronica, and Vanessa. They also have 4 pets. They live in Indianapolis, IN.